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Explore our elegant and timeless modern kitchens, which are designed to offer you unparalleled luxury and choice.

Characterised by flat slab doors, the modern style is the very definition of modern luxury kitchen design. We offer a generous selection of colours, textured finishes and showstopping features, enabling you to enhance your new modern kitchen with a combination of contemporary design and innovative storage solutions. Modern ranges from our Timeless Collection are available with our innovative modern kitchen cabinetry.

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Real Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Explore modern kitchens that have been designed and installed for our happy customers. If you like what you see, then start your journey by talking to an expert designer for a free design appointment.

Hampton Highland Stone<span>03022024</span>

Hampton Highland Stone03022024

Designed by Jose Novoa-Fernandez in Colchester Avenue

H Line Lumina White<span>30012024</span>

H Line Lumina White30012024

Designed by Dave Davies in Newport

H Line Hampton Dust Grey and Graphite<span>05022024</span>

H Line Hampton Dust Grey and Graphite05022024

Designed by Chris Bishop in Esher

H Line Sutton Graphite with Ligna Mayfield Oak<span>30012024</span>

H Line Sutton Graphite with Ligna Mayfield Oak30012024

Designed by Dave Davies in Newport

Lumina Graphite<span>30012024</span>

Lumina Graphite30012024

Designed by Dave Davies in Newport

Amalfi Onyx<span>02022024</span>

Amalfi Onyx02022024

Designed by Melina Ashrafi in Esher

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