kitchen style ideas

Kitchen style ideas

We offer a diverse range of kitchen styles, enabling you to design a space tailored to your style. Understanding the different style options available will give you the freedom to make the exact statement you want to make.

It’s important to have a solid understanding of what each style can offer. Each of our classic, modern and handleless kitchens can be accompanied by clever storage solutions and innovative design features to achieve a truly bespoke look. Allow us to show you some different kitchen style ideas to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

  1. The Classic Look
  2. The Modern Look

The Classic Kitchen look

You can achieve the quintessentially British look in your classic kitchen by coupling shaker cabinets with traditional design features. Classic kitchens have lots of character and charm, but retain a truly timeless feel.

What storage solutions go with the classic look?

Classic kitchen pantry

The Hathaway is a kitchen pantry and makes a great addition to any classic kitchen. It can be truly personalised to suit your own tastes and maximise on storage space.

Classic kitchen corner pantry

The Lansbury is a corner pantry that is our own unique twist on the classic pantry. With its country farmhouse feel, the Landsbury looks at home in the corner of any classic kitchen.

Classic kitchen larder

The SPACETOWER larder unit boasts ample storage space and easy access. Tailor it to your classic kitchen by incorporating some warm wood tones.

MAGNASPACE is a highly versatile and flexible pull out larder unit. It’s the perfect storage solution for your classic kitchen if you have a lot of mouths to feed… and a lot of food to store!

Classic kitchen drinks cabinet

The Connery is our beautiful drinks cabinet. With its wine rack, mirrored back panel, internal drawers and glass shelves, it’s the perfect way of adding glamour to your classic kitchen.

What design features go with the classic look?

Classic kitchen wine drawers

Our Wine Drawers are perfect for proudly displaying your wine within a base unit of your kitchen. Their warming wood finish means they work really well in a classic setting.

Classic kitchen crate drawers

Our Crate Drawers are stylish storage units that complement a classic kitchen well by tying the traditional design together.

Classic kitchen freestanding island

A Freestanding Island or a Table Island is a great way of adding a stylish centrepiece with lots of character to your classic kitchen.

The modern kitchen look

Our modern kitchens epitomise minimalistic design. Their flat slab doors and streamlined appearance achieve a truly luxurious look in your home. If you really want to stand out, then opt for a handleless kitchen - they feature sleek, clean lines and are a sure way to achieve an ultra-modern finish.

What storage solutions go with the classic look?

Modern kitchen pull out larder

The MAGNASPACE is a highly versatile and flexible pull out larder unit. It’s the perfect storage solution for your modern or handleless kitchen if you have a large family and lots of food to store.

modern kitchen integrated bin

The VELABIN is an integrated bin that will make light work of your kitchen waste. Designed to be sleek and discreet, it works seamlessly within a modern or handleless kitchen design.

modern kitchen extra wide drawers

LINEA and LINEAPLUS are our widest ever draws and base/wall cabinets. Available up to 2 meters wide, they’ll allow you to really maximise on space without detracting from the sleek lines of your modern or handless kitchen.

What design features go with the classic look?

open shelving in a modern kitchen

Open Shelving gives you limitless storage possibilities and is a great way of displaying your personality in your kitchen. Utilise open shelving in your modern or handleless kitchen to add a unique contrast to your flat slab doors. 

modern kitchen drawers

Our LEGRABOX R DESIGN modern drawers have a weight capacity of up to 70kg and are available in 9 width options. They use Blumotion technology for effortless operation, and are finished in brushed stainless steel. This finish ties in beautifully with the sleek look of modern kitchens and handleless kitchens. 

metallic modern kitchen

Our Metallic Feature Splashbacks are available in 5 beautiful finishes and create glamourous accents in modern and handleless kitchens. For a look that truly oozes luxury, go the extra step and match your splashback with metallic handle rails and plinths in your handless kitchen.

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