how to choose the right kitchen handles

How to choose kitchen handles

When a kitchen is being renovated, kitchen cabinet handles are often overlooked. Whilst they’re one of the last elements to be fitted, this doesn’t mean they should be last on your list of things to consider.

Kitchen handles have the ability to really tie a design together and enhance its greatest features. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right ones for your new kitchen. We’re going to explain exactly how to choose kitchen handles that complement your kitchen style and meet your individual requirements.

  1. Modern kitchen handles
  2. Classic kitchen handles
  3. Handleless kitchen handle rails

Handles for a modern kitchen

Our Metallic Square D Handles are a great choice for modern kitchen designs. Their sleek appearance perfectly complements the streamlined appearance of modern kitchens. They’re also an extremely practical option because they are easy to grip and pull.

Choose our Metallic Edge Handles if you would like to achieve the look of a handleless kitchen, but can’t quite justify the associated cost. They sit subtly on top of your kitchen cabinets in order to blend well with minimalistic designs.  

Metallic Knob Handles make the perfect addition to modern kitchens. By placing bespoke looking handles against sleek cabinets, you’ll create an instant design statement. Because we’re used to seeing knob handles in cosy shaker kitchens, they provide modern kitchen spaces with that extra touch of character.

Handles for a classic kitchen

Opting for Cup Handles is a sure way to enhance the classic features in your shaker kitchen. With their brushed steel finish, they instantly achieve the bespoke look. As well as their ornate appearance, they offer a lot of functionality due to their ‘cupped’ shape.

With their brushed brass finish, our Knob Handles will help you to achieve a truly elegant appearance in your classic kitchen. Knob handles complement shaker cabinets perfectly due to their traditional yet timeless look. 

Our T-Bar Handles can help to introduce a modern feel to your classic kitchen. Their sleek ‘T’ shape makes them a stylish contemporary option – but they still retain a somewhat classic appearance due to their textured finish.

Handle rails for a handleless kitchen

Our Metallic Handle Rails add a luxurious feel to any handleless kitchen. Designed to give the instant ‘wow’ factor, our metallic handle rails are available in five beautiful finishes. Use them as glamorous accents to make your kitchen stand out, or match them with our Metalix flat slab doors, splashbacks and upstands for a seamless appearance.

Our Painted Handle Rails come in an array of colours so that you can truly personalise your kitchen. Match your painted handle rails with your kitchen cabinets if you’d like to blend the two elements together. Alternatively, dare to be bold and choose a painted handle rail that stands out from the rest your space.

Our Messina Oak Handle Rails will achieve the Scandi look in your home with minimal effort. Scandinavian-style kitchens showcase the minimalist, natural look with their warm wood tones and sleek cabinet finishes. Our Messina Oak handle rails are made from natural wood, meaning they are the perfect fit for a Scandi-inspired kitchen. They are also great at dealing with everyday handling due to their grained, textured finish.

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