Masterclass Kitchens
The H Line Collection

Our H Line Collection has been carefully designed to bring you a range of ultra-modern, handleless kitchens that are perfect for open plan living. Clean lines and a mix of high gloss, textured and super smooth finishes offers a truly modern option that can accommodate any lifestyle. 

Stand Out with a H Line Collection Kitchen

Choice and usability are at the heart of our H Line Collection. With 10 ranges, 63 colours and 115 possible combinations to choose from, you can create a handleless kitchen that is unique to you. Our H Line cabinet has up to 30% more storage space than a standard cabinet, and is designed perfectly for modern living with it's ease of access and wide drawers.

H Line Collection Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Innovative & Modern Cabinets

Our cabinets provide up to 30% more storage space than a standard kitchen cabinet, and they are designed with strength and stability in mind. What’s more, we’ve eliminated the need for centre posts for an easy to use cabinet. 

H Line Collection Handleless Kitchen Storage

Handleless Kitchen Storage

The Signature Collection is a range of breath-taking kitchen storage features unlike any other. Designed to set your kitchen apart from the rest, these unique, high-quality storage pieces will bring both beauty and practicality to your kitchen. 

H Line Collection Handleless Kitchen Design Features

Modern Design Features

Our stunning collection of design features has been created to bring design flair and practicality to your kitchen. Incorporating these unique design features into your kitchen will create a space that’s truly unique to you. 

H Line Collection Handleless Kitchen Handle Rails

Personalised Handle Rails

The very definition of a handleless kitchen is its handle rail, it's what gives your kitchen the wow factor. H Line has more personalisation options than ever before. Pick one of our many handle rail options to complement your kitchen, or choose a contrasting colour to make a real design statement.

Beautiful Laminate Worktops

We understand that kitchen worktops can eat up your budget. That’s why we offer a collection of luxury laminate worktops in a selection of beautiful life-like finishes, together with granite, quartz and solid wood options.

H Line Collection Open Plan Furniture

Open Plan Furniture

The Living Collection has been created to allow your kitchen and living spaces to flow seamlessly into one another. Designed to create fluidity and consistency in your home, this stunning collection of furniture will seamlessly connect your space. 

The Journey to Your Dream H Line Collection Kitchen

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