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Environmentally Friendly Brochures

If you choose to get our brochures sent to you in the post, you can rest assured that the printing methods used when producing them are environmentally friendly. The paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified and sourced from sustainably managed forests. The paper is also Certified Carbon Neutral by the World Land Trust's Carbon Balanced programme. The inks used are vegetable oil based, ensuring the brochures are suitable for recycling.

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The Timeless Collection Kitchen Brochure
The H Line Collection Handleless Kitchen Brochure
Style Collection Kitchen Brochure
2023 Fitted Wardrobes Brochure
The Masterclass Magazine
Sigma 3 Kitchen Appliances Guide

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1. Exclusively access our latest offers
2. Masterclass Collection Brochure
3. H Line Collection Brochure
4. Style Collection Brochure
5. Fitted Wardrobes Brochure
6. Appliances Guide
7. The Masterclass Magazine

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