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Feng Shui Kitchen Tips: Become a Master

31 May 2024

Organising a kitchen redesign requires you to juggle so many bits of information, even beyond the style and architecture. Indeed, mixing colours, gadgets and accessories takes know-how. Where an amateur adds clutter, an expert kitchen designer turns it into decoration. They make everything flow.

The problem is that making time to master feng shui – priming rooms in a way that promotes clear thought and energy – isn’t easy. Fortunately, the team at Sigma 3 Kitchens can handle that for you. Having studied feng shui alongside Japandi, wabi-sabi and other Eastern-inspired design philosophies, we’re expert feng shui consultants.

Yes, our kitchen designers have waxed on and waxed off worktop granite, memorised the wisdom of feng shui masters and spent countless hours playing violent pat-a-cake with that spinny kung-fu hat stand thing in the lunch room (the ping pong table was occupied). Put simply, we have experience.

Consequently, in today’s blog post, we’ll show you the best walkthrough of feng shui 2024 has to offer, including how to apply its three foundational principles in a modern home:

  • Balance (yin-yang)
  • Nature’s elements
  • The flow of chi energy (or “qi” as senseis spell it)

As we go, we’ll drill into key concepts and explain why they’re important. Plus, we’ll explore which kitchen cabinetry you should buy to adhere to feng shui fest practices. Today’s post may sound woo-woo in places but stick with us because feng shui often draws parallels with psychology and science.

A Japandi-style room featuring feng shui plants and Japanese philosophy

Before You Begin

The literal translation of “feng shui” is “wind water.” In essence, it’s about energy flow. According to those who’ve mastered it, the key is to optimise that flow through the rooms in your home, damming holes that waste it, installing feng shui mirrors to channel it, and drawing more of it where it’s needed.

If you believe this, you’ll agree it’s vital to ensure your home isn’t leaking energy before you install a new kitchen. As Eastern wisdom says, water is wealth, and leaks drain your prosperity. The ancestors were speaking allegorically, of course, but this is also a sound practical tip, given today’s utility costs.

A private kitchen fitter inspecting the quality of a fitted kitchen
A skilled kitchen carpenter measuring wood as a kitchen fitter

Say you want to set a good base for your feng shui practice. In that case, begin by getting a tradesperson to check the plumbing that serves your kitchen. Paying a due diligence fee before your cabinets go in, while painful, could save more money that it would cost to fix an avoidable mistake.

Beth Thomas - Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Swansea

"At Sigma 3 Kitchens, we ensure your room is prepared ahead of your kitchen installation and double-check that everything works properly after your fitter is finished installing it. In fact, we have a multi-step quality control process. That’s why we’re the highest-rated kitchen manufacturer on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9 stars."

Beth Thomas
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Swansea

Balance Yin and Yang

Now, let’s dive into the heart of feng shui. Hailing from a war-heavy period in 3rd-century BCE China, feng shui’s origins stem from the people’s desire to feel peace at home. Key to its ethos is the focus on the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) – opposing forces that provide a form of quantum balance.

A handleless kitchen design with a true handleless kitchen and Japandi interior

Realising balanced ying-yang in broad aspects of your kitchen design is step one in optimising its feng shui. Take a handleless kitchen like the above H-Line Larna range, for example. Mingling warm (yang) red-coloured brush strokes with cool (yin) black expanses, it creates a pleasing, balanced palette.

One beautiful ultra-modern kitchen 2024 has to offer, with wood finishes
A grey handleless kitchen with black kitchen doors without handles

And as for lighting? Warm task lighting (yin) set below cupboard edging with bright overheads (yang) makes for a practical yet comforting grouping. Likewise, position kitchen workspaces next to windows, as done in this Amalfi Sunset and Madoc Reclaimed Oak ensemble, or this handleless Sutton Light Grey and Milano Midnight Pietra combination, and you’ll balance artificial lighting effects well.

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Accessories, appliances and the materials they contain also play a role. Big appliances like ovens (yang), for instance, need to offset plants and artwork (yin). If you can also break up sharp door lines with softer, draped climbers or ornamental driftwood then that’s even better!

Include the Elements

Balancing the yin and yang of your kitchen range itself is only part of the equation. Remember the soft elements? Countless studies have proven that they also have a part to play. After all, a biophilic design that incorporates nature soothes human minds. A natural kitchen promotes wellbeing.

In the west, we often discuss the four elements – earth, fire, water, air – but feng shui actually tells you to balance five: earth, fire, water, wood, metal. Incorporate them all in some form and your kitchen should act as a vessel for all the types of energy you need to lead a good life.

A white handleless kitchen with white gloss handleless kitchen doors

The new kitchen above covers many of these elements. Browse the white Italia range, for instance, and you’ll notice the wooden veg crate, the metal hob extractor, the boiling water tap, the fiery integrated oven and the earthy Milano worktops – all five elements.

Incorporating each one is a simple affair in most kitchens. That said, you can use colours to help you if you feel your kitchen is a little light on certain elemental materials. For example, if you don’t have a gas hob, you could always include flashes of red in your décor to represent much needed fire.

Edward Lakin - Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

"Our designers create 3D kitchen models for every client, which are extremely realistic – almost as if you’re standing in your room. They’re designed to give you an idea of how your space will look fully fitted with cabinetry once it’s delivered. However, as they also feature furniture and décor mock-ups, you can use them to envision balanced décor before you buy all your accessories."

Edward Lakin
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

Optimise Your Kitchen to Flow Qi

According to ancient Chinese teachings, qi is pure energy – the flowing fabric of the universe. You cannot create or destroy it; you can only funnel it in different directions. Mysticism might not be your bag but Einstein followed similar logic and proved his with maths, so it pays to keep an open mind.

According to feng shui gurus, the best way to guide qi through your kitchen is to guarantee the room:

  • Is positioned in the rear of your home (not the centre)
  • Doesn’t face a front door or bathroom
  • Has a square or rectangle layout with generous counter space
  • Separates the sink and oven (to avoid mixing fire and water)

A Shaker-style kitchen with modern sage green kitchen cabinets and cream Shaker kitchen elements

This modern sage green kitchen – technically a Hardwick New Forest and Highland Stone range – with Shaker kitchen doors follows every guideline. Notice the extra worktop and isolated sink? Combined, all these elements achieve an efficient working triangle, which engineers say is efficient for cooking.

Remember, however, that kitchen position alone doesn’t dictate flow. Energy can stagnate even in a well-positioned rectangular kitchen. Details matter. For instance, ever noticed how office workers feel unable to work with a messy desk? It’s the clutter. Remove it and energy flows more freely.

A pantry housed in Shaker kitchen cabinets in a modern colourful kitchen
A luxury breakfast cupboard housing a tea station and coffee bar cabinet

One way to solve this problem is to lean into clever kitchen storage options. Whether you have a modern luxury black kitchen or a white Shaker kitchen, the right base and wall units can clear kitchen worktops and maintain access to essentials. Our breakfast dressers are virtually whole tea rooms, our pull-out larders can hide a food shop, and our Lansbury corner food pantries can host a whole banquet.

Finally, add your feng shui garnish. Views of nature improve your health, for instance, so why not place mirrors opposite nature-facing windows to double your exposure? And if you need extra juju, try imperial feng shui. That’s using special objects like green jade, agarwood and sandalwood in your feng shui room arrangement to help you make good financial decisions and give you constant good fortune.

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