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Cashmere Kitchens: Everything You Need to Know

09 Jan 2024

If you’ve passed an hour on Instagram or Pinterest lately, and you love interior design, you’ve probably heard influencers rave about luxury cashmere kitchens. Indeed, “cashmere” has been synonymous with quality for years, and now so are cashmere kitchen cabinets. But what is a cashmere kitchen?

Remember the goats that rolled into Llandudno like lockdown tumbleweed? They’re Kashmiri goats – and their wool is cashmere. Renowned for its soft fibres, they have an iridescent, pink sheen, which cashmere kitchens exhibit. Similarly, cashmere kitchens also shrink when you turn on a tumble dryer.

Just kidding.
(Much like the goats.)

In reality, cashmere kitchens can be elegant, durable and timeless. The key to designing a solid one is to factor in light and complementary colours. Fortunately, the expert design consultants at Sigma 3 Kitchens in Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, have a range of tips to help you master this exciting new design.

A cashmere Shaker kitchen with Slim shaker kitchen doors

Gold Cashmere Kitchen Ideas

Run cashmere under warm light and you’ll see rose gold in the fibres. Similarly, choose a warm, grey kitchen, add yellow lighting and you create a similar outcome: a gold kitchen. The effect is particularly apparent if you choose a shade of grey with pink undertones and contrast it with gold accessories.

A cashmere-style kitchen with handleless doors and a bronze splashback
A light grey cashmere kitchen with wood-effect units and a gold splashback

H Line Larna Highland Stone with Deco Tundra Stone by the Sigma 3 Culverhouse Cross Team

Select a handleless kitchen and you have the option to accessorise with gold handlerails, which make a strong statement, much like a metallic splashback, as shown in this H Line Larna and H Line Deco combination. Together, these choices enrich a pale kitchen, adding plenty of warmth that’s interesting yet timeless.

Edward Lakin - Branch Principal at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

"Gold is one of the most dependable colour palettes to pair with a cashmere kitchen. This year we’ve seen a significant rise in this combination. Customers tell us it looks warm as we approach winter but the reflective quality makes cashmere kitchens look fresh on brighter days."

Edward Lakin
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

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Shaker Cashmere Kitchen Ideas

Cashmere kitchens don’t have to be slick, handleless affairs to create the familiar cashmere sheen. Indeed, if you want to adopt this style but don’t like space-age design, why not design a Shaker cashmere kitchen? Take, for example, this Hatfield range in Highland Stone and Graphite.

A modern cashmere kitchen created from a Shaker cashmere kitchen

Hatfield Highland Stone and Graphite by Shirley Yau in Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

If you want to ramp up the “warm effect” then you could always pair the range with smooth, gold handles and a few reflective kitchen accessories. You can even incorporate a few dark panels of colours. As long as most of the room follows cashmere kitchen guidelines, they’ll pop to great effect.

Shirley Yau - Kitchen Designer at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

"If you’re attracted to the cashmere look but don’t want to go too pink, try a grey colour palette. Many shades have red in their base and pair well with feature cabinets that have bolder colours. Warm, metallic handles bring everything together under the cashmere style, even if your feature colours are as dark as hunter green or Oxford blue."

Shirley Yau
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

Cashmere Kitchen Complementary Colours

What if you want a pure cashmere kitchen, without bold cabinets, but you also don’t want your kitchen to look whitewashed? In that case, you’ll need to blend complementary colours into the design, either via the kitchen island, accessories or wall paint, as we’ve done with this H Line Sutton range.

A modern cashmere kitchen with an off-white and gold colour palette
A cashmere kitchen with handleless grey cabinet doors and a kitchen island

H Line Sutton Highland Stone by Joseph Jeynes in Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

Dark grey kitchen island cabinets can provide an intense contrast that visitors will love. Also, it’s possible to make dark wood bar stools striking, providing you house them in a clean kitchen. And as for walls and floors? Choose eggshell finishes to extend the cashmere sheen, plus bright parquet or light tiled flooring.

Becca Selby - Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

"Lots of my clients have created cashmere kitchens. Those who end up happiest with the final product stuck to the fundamentals: a bright, pinkish finish. If you want that too, avoid chalky wall paints and dark flooring. Eggshell walls and bright flooring more effectively complement this design."

Becca Selby
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

Matt and Gloss Cashmere Kitchens

When it comes to cashmere-style door fronts, your kitchen range can work in gloss or matt. Just ensure, if you do choose a matt finish, that it sports a slight sheen. Generally, your choice should come down to personal taste. Although, many homeowners choose tactically to enhance their space from a practical perspective.

A matt cashmere kitchen with pale grey and powder blue cabinet doors
A handleless gloss cashmere kitchen with a wood flooring

H Line Sutton by Jose Fernandez with H Line Lumina

Prints, for example, don’t show prominently on matt surfaces, as with our H Line Sutton range (left), making them ideal for kids’ fingers and pets’ noses. And gloss doors, like the ones we feature on our H Line Lumina range (right), make rooms appear bigger – perfect for narrow galley kitchens or those with little natural light.

Ryan Thomas - Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

"You can create a cashmere kitchen from a wide array of range styles and colours. So, it makes sense to match your chosen cashmere kitchen to your room’s light levels and your family’s lifestyle. That way, you can create a room that looks just as great in your home as it would in an airy showroom."

Ryan Thomas
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

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