Our innovative kitchen cabinets

We're thinking inside the box when it comes to cabinets. With no center post, ample space and solid construction, they're designed to meet the demands of modern households.

Available with all our kitchen ranges from your local Sigma 3 Kitchens showroom.

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Kitchen cabinets with plenty of space

Ample storage space

Kitchen storage space is of the utmost importance. That’s why our kitchen cabinets offer up 30% more storage space than a standard kitchen cabinet.

Usable kitchen cabinets

Ease of use

We believe that kitchens should be as functional as they are beautiful. That’s why the design of our kitchen cabinets eliminates the need for centre posts, making an easy-to-use cabinet. 

High quality

Enhanced strength & stability 

Choosing a Sigma 3 Kitchen means choosing kitchen cabinets with unmatched strength and stability. Your kitchen cabinets should last for years to come, which is why our cabinets are reliable, sturdy and strong. 

Kitchen cabinets with integrated lighting

Integrated lighting

Every storage piece from The Signature Collection comes with integrated lighting to elevate design and showcase the internal beauty of the kitchen cabinet.

Sigma 3 Kitchens Wall Cabinet

The wall cabinet

  • No center posts make our wall cabinet easy to access for lots of mugs, glasses and large kitchenware.
  • They have 30% more storage space than an industry standard wall cabinet.
  • Additional strength and support from an aluminium profile that also stops items falling out.
Sigma 3 Kitchens Base Cabinet

The base cabinet

  • 18mm top and back panels for superb strength and stability.
  • No centre posts make our cabinets a pleasure to use and provide access to the full width of the cabinet.
  • 11% more storage space than a standard cabinet due to the 600mm depth.
  • A more aesthetically pleasing hinge with a hidden hinge plate.
  • 6 cabinet legs for added stability.

The journey to your dream kitchen, featuring our innovative cabinets