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Which Kitchen Feature Matches Your Personality Type?

03 May 2024

The Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI) – or Myers Briggs assessment test as some call it – is a free personality test comprising around 100 questions you can take at a kitchen table. Taken by thousands every year, it matches test takers to 16 personality types and suggests the sorts of situations and environments in which each one will thrive. Recipients tend to react in three ways:

  • “Woah! This is exactly me!”
  • “Everyone, I’m the same type of extrovert as Frank Sinatra!”
  • “What did you get? Oh, me? I’m trying it again.”

Some rate it as a must-take personality quiz and love analysing the 16 personalities. Others, meanwhile, loathe sharing a Myers Briggs type with a certain celebrity. Either way, the Myers Briggs test offers a lot of insight, and can help you design a life – or in this case a kitchen – you’ll love.

Speaking of which, today at Sigma 3 Kitchens, we’ve listed a kitchen feature ideal for each of the 16 personalities. Can you guess which custom kitchen furniture piece will work for you? If you don’t know your Myers Briggs personality, take the test and uncover your ideal kitchen feature today!

Quirky kitchen artwork used as a personalised kitchen gift

INTJ: The Architect

Each personality type comes with a Myers Briggs character. In this case, INTJs (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) – detail-oriented yet creative tacticians – have “The Architect.”

The larder cabinet with kitchen unit pull-out storage drawers
A kitchen storage cabinet with pull-out cabinet kitchen drawers

Our SpaceTower is an ideal kitchen storage feature for architects. Deep yet compartmentalised, this pull-out larder unit offers lots of potential for systematising your kitchen.

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INTP: The Logician

“The Logician” represents those with INTP (introverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting) attributes in the 16 personalities’ test. Adaptable yet creative, logicians live life in experiments.

A 45 degree kitchen pantry for corners that need a kitchen storage cabinet

Does anything scream “creativity” more than a 45° corner pantry cupboard that fills “unusable” space? No. Hence, the Lansbury. Built for experimental designers, this unique kitchen storage has pantry shelving that can help you stock and access every unusual ingredient you’ll need.

ENTJ: The Commander

ENTJs (extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) – or “Commanders” – are progress-craving high flyers known for collecting information, creating plans and executing with brute force.

A utility room cabinet with a utility room cupboard divider and a boot room seat

Utility room cupboard dividers are vital for any commander’s home. Designed for handiness, the utility room shelving they add to larder units make deep cleans a breeze to execute or delegate.

Beth Thomas - Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Swansea

"When many customers approach us looking to fit utility room cupboards, they talk about how their current ones are unorganised with too few partitions. Ours change all that, making cleaning supplies easier to find, ironing boards easier to store and vacuum cleaners easier to access."

Beth Thomas
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Swansea

ENTP: The Debater

Love putting the world to rights with anyone that’ll listen? You might be ENTP (extraverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting). As “The Debater,” you’re bold and love verbal gymnastics.

A kitchen dresser unit with a hanging wine glass rack and a drinks shelf

In that case, try a bar dresser. What better way to chat than with friends over a tipple in your kitchen? Indeed, this drinks cabinet is equal parts cocktail cabinet, water bottle storage and wine bar.

INFJ: The Advocate

Unlike “The Debater” – INFJs (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) who inhabit “The Advocate” personality type – will debate but with the aim of showing a love for all humans.

A tea station cum breakfast cupboard in a oak wood finish
A coffee bar cabinet complete with shelves for a breakfast station

As an advocate, you’ll host guests but to learn rather than debate. Hence, a breakfast dresser will aid you well. Designed to make your home a safe space, this tea and coffee station will make you the person that constantly has a cuppa and some warm words for those in need.

INFP: The Mediator

Do you find yourself defusing tense situations – even ones you didn’t create? As an INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting) type, you’re a “Mediator” with an open mind.

Kitchen wall cabinets with wooden bi-fold doors
Kitchen cupboards in off-white with wooden folding doors and gold handles

As a mediator, you’ll value cabinets with bi-fold doors. Cupboards using this space-saving door technology provide kitchen storage in places that won’t accommodate other options. They’re an excellent storage solution for mugs – ideal for when you need to crack out teas in a hurry.

Jamie Ford - Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Colchester Avenue

"Cupboards with bi-fold doors are particularly fantastic if you have children. Not only do they make accessing crockery easier; they also protrude less, stopping little ones from banging their heads."

Jamie Ford
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff Colchester Avenue

ENFJ: The Protagonist

ENFJs (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) are warm but aren’t afraid to confront injustice. As a beacon of virtue, they’ll fight any hardship, which makes sense, being “The Protagonist.”

All-wood finish kitchen cabinet drawers with kitchen drawer dividers

Is that you? If so, you’ll likely appreciate our wood-effect drawers with cutlery organisers. Available in walnut wood and oak timber finishes, they’ll help prepare you for any eventuality.

ENFP: The Campaigner

If you’re ENFP (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting), consider yourself “The Campaigner.” Living with a tendency to embrace big ideas, ENFPs are idealists, always striving for the greater good.

A pull-out kitchen bin for recycling with an odour filter lid
A double kitchen bin with laundry tablet storage and bin bag holders

In short, you want a better world, and an Integrated Kitchen Bin will help you make one. Award-nominated, this kitchen cupboard bin slides on smooth runners, carrying waste out of sight. Super convenient, it makes recycling easier, throttles odour and improves the world.

ISTJ: The Logistician

A “Logistician” with ISTJ (introverted, observant, thinking, judging) traits is quietly methodical. Enjoying time alone, they face problems with a rational solution to do real good.

A butler’s pantry with shelves and other forms of pantry storage

Maybe as a logistician yourself, for example, you may have discovered that homemade meals brighten dark days. Correct? If so, you’ll value our Hathaway kitchen pantry cupboard. Using its pantry kitchen cabinet wine rack, shelves and drawers, you can out-cook any problem.

Alice Vaatstra - Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

"The Hathaway is perfect for homebodies who love to experiment in the kitchen. Our customers particularly love the wood-effect box wine racks they contain, which offer a warmer aesthetic than a wireframe alternative. We make them in dark Tuscan Walnut and light Portland Oak."

Alice Vaatstra
Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

ISFJ: The Defender

Many homeowners live quiet lives. A few of us, though, are natural “Defenders.” As a responsible guardian, ISFJs (introverted, observant, feeling, judging) can be soft but ferocious.

The larder – a kitchen unit pull-out storage system full of oils and spices
A pull-out cabinet kitchen furniture item containing spices and food packs

Warm to some, scorching to others, a MagnaSpace pull-out larder unit will help you balance the act. Indeed, this pull-out corner storage can help you cook warm meals but also packs a punch for when life gets spicy.

ESTJ: The Executive

Corporate climbers and community pillars often exhibit ESTJ (extraverted, observant, thinking, judging) traits. As an “Executive” yourself, you may juggle responsibilities but, somehow, never drop a ball.

Wide kitchen cabinet drawers for cupboards opening from a kitchen island

Managing so much stuff isn’t easy. Know what can help, though? Extra kitchen drawers. Introducing our LineaPlus kitchen drawer units. Able to hold 320kg in produce, they enable you to see everything you control and re-sort as necessary, if only in your kitchen.

ESFJ: The Consul

Engaged and people-focused, ESFJ (extraverted, observant, feeling, judging) types often find themselves offering guidance to whoever wants it, fully embodying “The Consul” role.

A kitchen island with a shelf for wine bottles

As a consul, a Sigma 3 wine drawer will suit your personality perfectly. Ideal for entertaining and more robust than a simple kitchen wine rack, this wine shelf rack ensures visitors will feel safe and ready for advice in your kitchen.

Vijay Shemar - Showroom Manager at Sigma 3 Kitchens Esher

"Wine drawers are perfect for those who love to share a bottle of red or white with a good conversation partner. If you love throwing dinner parties, you’ll love one. These features are impressive conversation starters."

Vijay Shemar
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Esher

ISTP: The Virtuoso

“Virtuosos” with ISTP (introverted, observant, thinking, prospecting) behaviours tend to be skilled creatives who don’t need much human connection and will happily create in solitude.

A small kitchen island with seating in the form of island barstools
A mobile kitchen island with a dark stone worktop

Perfectly matching ISTP lifestyles, not only do Sigma 3 freestanding kitchen islands give their owners space to work on creative projects; they act as an apt metaphor for their powerful independence.

ISFP: The Adventurer

“I love nature.” “Let’s explore!” “Who’s that strange man? Shall we follow him?” Only a distinct personality type thinks this way regularly: ISFPs (introverted, observant, feeling, prospecting) – The “Adventurers” seize every moment and act like a junkie for new experiences.

A utility boot room containing a navy blue bootility room unit

Ideal for a kitchen – or whatever variation of a cloakroom, boot room or mud room you have in your home – the bootility unit is essential for adventurers. Stylish yet useful, they give you a relaxed space to slip on outdoor clothes, plus a storage station to keep outdoor dirt at the door.

ESTP: The Entrepreneur

ESTPs (extraverted, observant, thinking, prospecting), often called “Entrepreneurs,” are enthusiastic, action-oriented individuals who find opportunities where others see problems.

Oak shelves used to kitchen shelving for an alcove
A corner shelf and other wall shelves wrapped in a wooden shelf finish

Magnetic and sociable, they think outside the box. It makes sense then that our suggested feature is open shelving – or floating shelves if you want to take this allegory to the extreme. These are alternatives to boxy cabinets that let you show off your ideas at a moment’s notice.

ESFP: The Entertainer

Natural socialites who are inclined to include others in activities, ESFPs (extraverted, observant, feeling, prospecting) are called “Entertainers” for a reason: they love company.

Cocktail cabinet with drink bottle storage and a shelf for wine bottles

As an entertainer, you just want to take pleasure in life and share experiences. And there are few better ways to do so than with a home bar unit worthy of James Bond himself: The Connery. Equal parts wine storage cabinet, cocktail shelf and soft drink storage station, it’s ideal for entertaining.

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