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Overhaul Your Country Kitchen for the Modern World

16 Nov 2023

Press average people to recall their most touching memory and many will discuss some variation of a rose-tinted childhood Hovis fever dream. Typically, it includes a country kitchen, plus, perhaps, a sense of blissful youth, grandparents, or just a peaceful moment with buttered toast and a snoozing cat.

Whatever the reason, farmhouse kitchens have captured our imaginations. The problem is, being out-dated and expensive to make, true cottage kitchens are hard to create in modern homes. If you insist on having one, though, what are your options? Emptying your funds, giving up practical storage options and inviting round overly-familiar neighbours to synthesise village life?

Well, no. Fortunately for you, while rustic kitchens from some suppliers can set you back a decade in multiple senses, yours needn’t ruin your finances, nor deny you modern convenience. Indeed, as you’ll discover, you can create a country-style kitchen that contains memory-making potential but with cutting-edge advances.

A traditional kitchen with powder blue Shaker kitchen doors

Wood-Effect Drawers

Making a farm kitchen feel like it’s been in your family for generations is a good place to start. “But how do you do that?” you may ask. The drawers. Using walnut wood or oak timber partitions instead of plastic cutlery organisers is a sure-fire sign of a kitchen built to be an heirloom.

A walnut timber wooden cutlery tray in a kitchen cabinet drawer
Country rustic farmhouse kitchen wooden kitchen drawers

At Sigma 3, all our kitchen drawer units come with the option of a wood-effect cutlery drawer organiser that looks, feels and lasts like hand-cut wood but for a fraction of the cost. Sure, no one sees this minute detail 90% of the time but they sell the "authentic" rustic kitchen story to anyone who opens them.

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Classic Doors and Cabinet Handles

Getting the key pieces in place is vital when deciding on a contemporary rustic kitchen design. One component you can’t forego, for example, is the traditional kitchen door. Indeed, home farm kitchens  almost always utilise a Shaker or classic cabinet door with beading around a centre panel.

Getting the kitchen cabinet handles perfect is also essential. Do so and your country-style kitchen design will achieve your intended look. T-bar handles and other modern kitchen cabinet handle varieties don’t work. Rather our classic handles – D, cup and knob handles – are more in keeping.

Traditional kitchen cupboard doors featuring a range of kitchen handles

So far, so traditional. Real modern kitchen innovation appears, however, when it comes to door options. Nowadays, you can get traditional painted doors – like our Ashbourne range (pictured) – or you could choose hardier vinyl-wrapped doors, like Kensington, which are ideal for younger families.

Kitchen Islands with Seating

Country kitchens are synonymous with strong family connections. Generations have used their dining tables to form bonds and weather storms. Modern homes don’t always have the space for separate kitchens and dining tables, however. That’s why we often recommend kitchen islands with seating.

This might be a divergence too far from the original design for some. The truth, though, is that a carefully chosen static or freestanding kitchen island can achieve both the warmth and utility of a kitchen table, without wasting storage space. Even a very small kitchen island can achieve the desired effect.

A cottage kitchen island with a wine drawer
A kitchen island with a chunky rustic wood dining table bar and island barstools

This modern twist on the traditional farmhouse kitchen set-up gives you far more aesthetic flexibility. As well as cupboards and a kitchen island worktop element, for example, you can add a wine drawer, open shelving, or any number of decorative inserts that add utility along with the flair.

Modern Larders and Pantries

When you think of country kitchens, it’s impossible not to imagine the hearty roast dishes, stews and cakes that keen home cooks serve in them. It’s for this reason that you must include a pantry or a larder cupboard in your country kitchen plans – ideally both if you have the space.

At Sigma 3 Kitchens, we love our pantry cupboard options and rustic larder cupboards. Prime examples among them for a cozy kitchen are the Lansbury corner pantry, the Hathaway and the SpaceTower larder. These three resonate with lovers of the cottage aesthetic and add texture to kitchens.

Corner kitchen pantry cupboard with walk-in-pantry storeroom space


Butlers’ pantry shelves, drawers and pigeonholes in a kitchen storage cabinet

While these features are already sumptuous, we’ve actually improved them, adding extra storage flexibility, including pigeonholes, shelves and drawers, as well as eco-friendly LED lighting. These innovations make them easier to organiser and reduce food wastage. Who says you can’t improve a classic?

Design Your Country Kitchen

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