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Kitchen extension transforms Cardiff home

Case Studies / 08 Sep 2021

Cardiff couple Kim and Paul combined their experience in architecture and personal taste to create a marvellous, multifunctional kitchen extension.

Eighteen months ago, Kim and Paul spotted the potential for a kitchen extension in their home.    

Together they envisaged a beautiful multifunctional space where they could relax and spend time with family and friends.

Tucked away in a quiet estate in the outskirts of Cardiff, the kitchen extension would also provide a perfect place for a peaceful Summer room.

The required building work was completed a year and a half later, and all that remained was finding a perfect kitchen to go with the new space.

Having dealt with Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff previously, the couple knew they would enlist the help of Sigma 3 Kitchens Cardiff once more when the time was right.

Enter kitchen designer Dean Walton. One day, Kim and Paul sat down with Dean over a cup of coffee and laid out the brief for their kitchen.

What was the brief?

The kitchen extension has modernised the house and is filled with beautiful contemporary décor, so naturally, the duo was looking for a modern kitchen to blend in with the space.

Maintaining the clean, sleek look of the kitchen extension was a must. So, the couple required adequate storage that would keep the space clutter-free.

The design process

Our H Line Lumina range offered the crisp, fresh look that Kim and Paul were seeking. What’s more, this allowed them to incorporate extra wide, extra deep drawers that would keep the worksurfaces clean.

Graphite handlerails were incorporated into the design to emphasise the sleek lines of the handleless design. The contrasting colour also added another dimension to the space, giving it a striking look.

The outcome

The completed kitchen extension has made the home a hub for socialisation and relaxation.

Kim explained the most significant game-changer is the H Line drawers, and she’ll never go back to hunting for crockery at the back of cupboards.

The kitchen extension has everything the family needs. At home, the family spend most of their time enjoying the new space.

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