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Things to Do in Abergavenny

13 Jul 2023

At Sigma 3 Kitchens, we love exploring new places and cultures. Indeed, we’ve experienced adventure, even in our native Wales. When we first visited Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, for example, we did the typical tourist schtick:

  • Took a tonne of pictures with local landmarks
  • Haggled in the market and enjoyed the spoils
  • Ventured outside with a naively light jacket (because… holiday?)

Yet, despite our blunders, the locals still made us feel welcome in the Gateway to Wales, so much that we’ve set up shop, become residents, admired the views, and cherished all the things to do in Abergavenny.

We understand why so many families holiday in Abergavenny accommodation or move to enjoy its majesty long term. Not only that, we also love that the area caters for so many interests, a lot of which we’re celebrating today in a blog post for anyone thinking of visiting or living in Abergavenny.

Welsh landscape that creates the perfect view from a kitchen counter

Walking Routes for Hikers

More than just another town with a leisure centre, Abergavenny is full of National Trust sites for families to enjoy, including Usk Valley – an unspoilt area prefect for strolls, picnics and other family things to do in Abergavenny with a toddler or older children.

Boot room storage unit for high-end kitchen and laundry room owners alongside a dog

If you’d prefer a more adventurous hike or dog-friendly activities, though, you could always visit Sugar Loaf Mountain, The Blorenge or the Brecon Beacons waterfalls near Abergavenny. When it comes to an activity weekend, Wales has something for everyone.

Alice Vaastra - Branch Principal at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

"I’m a huge fan of the local hiking trails. Not only is exploring them fun; it’s also great for connecting with nature and minimising screentime. You can’t help but stand in awe of the views."

Alice Vaastra
Branch Principal at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

High Street Shops for Retail Therapy

Boasting a mix of independent and high street shops for visitors and residents to enjoy, Abergavenny shops include:

  • A Waitrose
  • Nicholls Department Store
  • A Holland & Barrett
  • Neil Powell Master Butchers
  • An artisan farmers’ market
  • Several chain and indie coffee shops
  • Both chain and indie bookstores

Whether you’re looking to escape into a novel, share coffee with a friend, fill your wardrobe or practice your culinary skills, Abergavenny can cover every scenario. And, of course, we can’t ignore the town’s premium kitchen manufacturer, Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny.

Modern kitchen and classic kitchen islands with the Sigma 3 Abergavenny showroom

Pillars of the community, our world-class Abergavenny design consultants offer an eclectic mix of luxury kitchen ranges for homeowners who want to live like the one percent without spending like them. Just ask Mr and Mrs Butt, who loved their Inkwell Sutton range.

Nestled on Cross Street, we offer kitchens for every taste, from timeless classics to ultra-modern handleless designs. Practicing a white-glove service, perfected with care and integrity, we’re always happy to make time for a consultation if you’re in need of a luxury kitchen.

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Food Markets for Foodies

Abergavenny has a rich pedigree of chefs and producers alike, making it a foodie Mecca throughout the year but especially during the annual Abergavenny Food Festival. Every September, visitors can choose from a range of food-based activities spread across the town, including:

  • Foraging the Castle Meadows with an expert
  • Food exhibitions and tasting sessions with live entertainment
  • Seminars with award-winning food writers
Food festival cutlery wrapped in herbs and twine that match the expensive kitchen look

Besides the festival, however, the town also hosts the Hardwick Abergavenny, an elite gastropub which consistently features in Estrella Damm’s Top 50 Gastropub lists and which Michael Roux Jr. named his “favourite Welsh restaurant.”

Emma Randall - Kitchen Designer at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

"The food festival and the Hardwick instil the locals with a lot of pride here. There’s something about cooking that makes a community welcoming that you can’t replicate another way."

Emma Randall
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

Wales Adventure Weekends for Adults

Renowned for its natural water reserves and landscape features, which drive adventure experiences, Wales has become a hub for UK adventures. Just some of the activities you can do in Wales include:

  • Kayaking
  • Quad biking
  • Zorbing
  • Zip lining
  • And caving
Go-karting children representing Wales outdoor activities

Abergavenny caters for most of these activities, and the ones that don’t appear exactly within the town’s borders exist in the surrounding area. Thus, if you’re an adventure lover, it’s the perfect place to grow roots.

History for Culture Vultures

According to official records, there are over 600 castles in Wales, one of the grandest being Abergavenny Castle and Museum. That’s not the only source of culture in the area, though.

An antique book and quills to represent Wales’ literary heritage and current scene

Abergavenny’s open-air theatre, for instance, routinely runs performances based on established plays and book adaptations, historically including the best of Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and David Walliams.

Barbora Brnak - Kitchen Designer at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

"Writers, musicians, artists, chefs – you’ll find talent in every corner of this town and I love it! You never know who you’re going to meet here. The whole art scene makes for such interesting conversation!"

Barbora Brnak
Kitchen Design Consultant at Sigma 3 Kitchens Abergavenny

Become a Local

So, there you have it; a list of things to do in Abergavenny. If you haven’t already fallen in love with the town enough to become a resident then we’re certain you will soon. And when that happens, don’t forget to support local businesses to help us keep improving the community.

On that note, if you need more help designing a kitchen that matches your dream life in Abergavenny, seek advice from our world-class kitchen design consultants. Or, if you’re not quite ready yet, simply become a Sigma 3 Insider for free. You’ll get design tips and lifestyle guides to help you turn your kitchen into a community hub just for joining.

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