Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas


Stuck on where to start with your contemporary bedroom design?

Have a read through some of our top inspirational ideas to help you get started. These contemporary bedroom ideas are brilliant to help you start thinking about how you want to design your ideal space.

1. A work of art

Adding some ‘contemporary’ artwork around your room can really add to the atmosphere of your space. ‘Contemporary’ can be perceived as you wish it to be, whether you choose some abstract paint work or maybe a bold print, it’s mainly about what floats your boat. If you’re looking to make a bold statement then why not place one large piece above your bed as a focal point.

2. Colour me contemporary

Don’t be afraid to use colour! The key here is to ensure that the colours all tie in together and aren’t a jumbled, random assortment. Many recommend choosing two or three key colours, with one acting as a base, which you can then use throughout the room. Ideally the base would be a basic colour, such as a white, grey or black, to maintain that contemporary edge.

3. Creative shelving

We’ll take care of all the stuff you want to hide away in a wardrobe, but what about the objects and treasures you want to display? Well, why not get creative with your shelving options! Open shelving is becoming more popular and is definitely and on-trend choice! Whether you decide to have them coming out from the wall or you wish to incorporate an alcove, this is definitely a must-have contemporary design feature.

4. Geometry (the fun kind!)

Mixing and matching shapes throughout your room is a brilliant way to add depth and interest to a contemporary bedroom. You can be as creative as you like, use traditional shapes, such as straight lines and circles, or even choose some more abstract ones if you desire! Incorporate this through any bedroom accessories you desire such as lamp shades, rugs, curtains ect.

5. Worthy walls

Using wallpaper is a great way to decorate your room to your personal taste and set the tone for all of the other finishing touches. Whether you opt for a bold pattern that’s a bit of fun, or would prefer a more timeless design, it’s completely up to you. Just make sure you love it! Alternatively, if you’re a creative soul, paint straight onto the walls with something you came up with yourself!

6. Bed head

The headboard of your bed can be easily used to add excitement to your contemporary space. Consider the material, colour and design that would best suite your space and your vision. Another element to think about is whether you’d want it padded for extra comfort; we have a wide range of headboards that are definitely worth having a nose at!

7. Think Green

Sometimes a splash of green is needed to make a space feel more alive. For small bursts of colour flowers are a great option, or for a greener look a bigger house plant might be more up your street. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to have a green space around your home, utilise big windows so you always have a view of Mother Nature first hand.

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