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Real kitchens | Real kitchen design ideas for April 2022

Ideas & Inspiration / 13 Apr 2022

Find your inspiration with our latest real kitchens showreel, filled with real kitchen design ideas.

In need of some real kitchen design ideas? There's simply no better way to find them than looking through real kitchen projects.

Our latest real kitchen showreel features an array of modern and traditional kitchen designs. Watch today for inspiration.

This is just a snapshot of the amazing real kitchen projects completed by our showrooms this month. For more inspiration, visit our real kitchens page.

Featured kitchens

1. Sutton Autumn Blush and Burnt Umber. Designed by Oliver Willcox in Esher

2. H Line Milano Arctic Frost with Ligna Farmhouse Oak. Designed by Paul Penhale in Swansea

3. Hatfield Inkwell. Designed by Becca Selby in Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

4. Wimbourne Graphite and Highland Stone. Designed by Jose Novoa Fernandez in Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

5. Somerton Inkwell. Designed by Tabitha Banks in Cardiff Colchester Avenue

6. H Line Lumina White. Designed by Jose Novoa Fernandez in Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

7. Sutton Scots Grey. Designed by Oliver Willcox in Esher

8. Hatfield Light Grey. Designed by Tabitha Blanks in Cardiff Colchester Avenue

9. Somerton Scots Grey/ Designed by Ryan Thomas in Swansea

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Real kitchens

Real Kitchens

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Real kitchens