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6 kitchen design trends to expect in 2021

Ideas & Inspiration / 06 Jan 2021

6 kitchen design trends to expect in 2021

New year, new kitchen trends. At Sigma 3, we’re welcoming the kitchen trends of 2021.

At the start of each new year, we look forward to seeing what’s in store for kitchen design - so we’ve been looking throughout the world of interiors and fashion for 2021 kitchen trends to bring new ideas to help you create dream kitchen.

1 - Calming colours

Calming blue shaker kitchen

Solva Coastal Mist

Colours have a unique ability to influence how we feel, so it’s no surprise that those planning to reinvent their homes this year will be using calming hues to do so.

Peaceful pastels such as blue and lilac are renowned for their soothing effects, so a splash of these colours is a simple way to bring some serenity to your home.

Fashioning a space that fuels your relaxation couldn’t be easier with our array of soothing hues such as Coastal Mist and Wisteria.

2- Green kitchens

Modern green handleless kitchen

Marlborough Hunter Green. Designed by Phil Rose in Esher

Make way blue, green kitchens are also set to dominate kitchen design this year.

We’ve all been spending more time in our homes than ever before, so it’s no wonder why our nature-inspired Hunter Green saw a rise in popularity during 2020.

Whether it’s your desire to bring the outdoors in, or your simply what to add some luxury into your home, opting for a green kitchen will put you at the forefront of kitchen design in 2021. We’ve even added a new shade of green called New Forest to our beautiful range of painted colours.

3 - Wood finishes

Wood finishes in a modern kitchen

H Line Sutton Highland Stone with Ligna Mayfield Oak. Designed by Beth Thomas at Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

The growing popularity of wood finishes comes as no surprise to us, simply because wood is so versatile.

Wood finishes can be incorporated into a modern kitchen design to bring warmth and a rustic touch, or used in classic kitchens to enhance a country-style look. What’s more, the ways in which you can incorporate wood into your kitchen’s design is endless. Go bold with wood effect doors, or infuse natural wood tones into open shelving, storage features or handlerails.

4 - Warm colours

Warm grey gloss kitchen in Cardiff

H Line Lumina Stone Grey. Designed by Martyn Harris in Cardiff Culverhouse Cross

While light, crisp kitchen colours will always be popular, more and more people are shifting towards toasty neutrals.

A warm colour palette can be just as impactful as cooler colours, especially if you’re looking to create a cosy feel. Our warm neutral shades Stone Grey and Highland Stone are incredibly popular with are customers and work wonderfully with both classic and modern designs.

5 - Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes in a blue shaker kitchen

Shelford Inkwell

Adding metallics adds character and intrigue to any kitchen design.

Metallic finishes are also a stylish way to elevate on-trend dark blue kitchens, create warm accents or add a contemporary feel to a shaker kitchen.

If you want to take your love affair with metallic finishes to the next level, go bold with a metallic splashback with our new range Metalix to create a glamorous focal point in your kitchen.

6 - Dark surfaces

Dark kitchen worktops in a dark shaker kitchen

Shelford Graphite

Dark kitchen cabinetry has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years, and it looks like this trend is extending to other areas of the kitchen.

Dark worktops and countertops are a perfect way to create an allure of sophisticated and can be  offset by brighter colours so they can work in any kitchen, no matter what shape or size.

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