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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


Don't know where to start with planning your dream modern kitchen design?

We have compiled lots of ideas to help you visualise your ideal space and figure out the elements you really need. If you would like to talk to a designer about your dream modern kitchen design, then why not book a free design appointment at your nearest showroom. 

The perfect layout

An essential when planning your modern kitchen is ensuring that you maximise your space. In order to do this many think about incorporating the ‘working triangle’ as a starting point, which involves the placement of your hob, sink and fridge in a logical flow – making life easier and more straight forward during cooking. 

Open plan

Adding to the idea of the ‘perfect layout’ is the increasingly popular open plan kitchen design. Planning different zones in your space for eating, cooking and lounging can vastly add to flow of your kitchen. This is a great way of enabling socialising in your kitchen with family or guests whilst you're cooking. If you have the space, or would simply like to do something a bit different then adding an island to the space can act as a great informal dining area.

See open plan Real Kitchens here.

Maximise light

Reflective materials can make the world of difference if you’re designing a modern kitchen. We recommend utilising stainless steel, glass and mirrors as reflective elements in your kitchen which will allow light to move around the room. We offer a range of modern gloss kitchen door finishes which will enhance light, but if that is too much for you then our silk finish doors are the perfect substitute.

Use neutrals...

One option when designing a modern kitchen is to opt for neutral colours. They make your space appear bigger, as well as being a more straight forward option. We offer plenty of neutral shades across all of our ranges; we have found that our creams, whites and greys are particularly popular. If you go for a neutral palette, we advise adding some colourful accessories to add a punch of energy to the space. This could include wall art or cook wear. Or, an even better alternative, choosing a coloured H Line handle rail from our range!

...or be bold!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a kitchen that stands out, using bold colours in your design could be the answer. You might choose to contrast the classic shades of black and white or you may decide on something more exciting… Our vibrant palette provides you with a beautiful spectrum of choice from Windsor Blue to Terracotta Sunset - there’s a colour for everyone. If you want to incorporate big colours but not in the cabinetry then consider colourful wallpaper, splashbacks or including a colourful alcove.

Smooth storage

In order to minimise space in your kitchen you must use storage to your advantage. Use a range of deep drawers (just like our Legrabox R design drawer), pull out larders and corner pantries to make the most of your space. Open storage is another stylish option to incorporate into your space; however we recommend that you use this sparingly and for displaying possessions and other decorations. Our Chef’s table is a great example of open storage, a useful little space to place books, or some stylish kitchen wear.  

Start a journey to your very own dream kitchen.

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