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Your Next Great Read: The New Sigma 3 Brochures

Its official! We’ve launched our brand new, inspirational brochures. We pride ourselves on creating our brochures with you in mind, showcasing only our best kitchens which we think you’ll love. We continue to endeavour to bring you the ultimate choice of kitchen ranges and colour as you search for that smile-provoking design inspiration.

The Masterclass Collection Brochure

The new Sigma 3 brochure still displays beautiful images of our wide range of kitchen finishes and colours. But you’ll see that we’ve split it into two main sections; our classic collection and our modern collection.

Our modern kitchen designs encompass style with functionality. They ooze a contemporary feel while containing innovative features and clever storage to provide a sleek and liveable kitchen. While our classic kitchen designs boast a strong but simple look that has remained timeless throughout the decades. Classic kitchens can be easily characterised as uncluttered with streamlined features that embody sophistication, style and quality.

The Signature Collection is designed to add that extra bit of luxury to your kitchen. At Sigma 3 Kitchens we believe that beauty is more than skin deep, which is why The Signature Collection focuses on making the insides of your kitchen just as beautiful as the outside.  

These pieces will give your kitchen design that wow-factor and make them stand out from the rest. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and unique, The Signature Collection is functional and provides essential storage to make the best of even the most challenging spaces in your kitchen. The new brochure showcases the collection beautifully. Their elegant features and underlying British heritage emits glamour as well as practicality. The collection includes The Connery, a luxury cocktail cabinet, The Lansbury, a beautiful corner pantry, Linea and LineaPlus, the deepest and widest drawers on the market and so much more. Our new brochure will give you a great idea of which kitchen features you won’t be able to live without.

The new Living Collection also features in this brochure. It focuses on combining your kitchen seamlessly with other living spaces in your home by using free standing furniture. This furniture will enhance your whole design and complement the entire space while bringing everything together. The imagery in our brochure displays these perfectly so that you can see them in a home environment.

Dimensions, colours and drawer options are also included for all the ranges and furniture pieces in the brochure. This gives you as much information as possible when planning your new kitchen and living space.

H Line Brochure

Our second brochure displays our H Line range of handleless kitchen. These designs showcase sleek kitchens with a mixture of gloss, textured and super smooth finishes. Our H Line is renowned for its ultra-minimal, modern feel. They have clean and uninterrupted lines for a sleek finish.

The H Line brochure exhibits our uber modern handleless kitchens, including the colours available to you as well as some of the H Line features. One of which is the Legrabox R-Design, a luxurious drawer system that’s brushed with stainless steel. It gives your kitchen wonderful aesthetic value. Legrabox R-Design makes what’s inside a Sigma 3 kitchen just as breath-taking as the outside.

Handle rail colours are another feature explored in the H Line brochure, along with floating cabinets and Linea cabinets and drawers.

Both our Sigma 3 Kitchens and H Line brochures highlight key colours and finishes in each kitchen range to ensure that you know what makes your favourite kitchen look and feel before speaking with your nearest Sigma 3 showroom.

Sigma 3 Kitchens can now offer you more colours and textured finishes than ever before. All of which can be mixed with our unique design features and free standing furniture to enhance your home.

Spend some time curled up with a cosy blanket, a cup of tea and your free copy of our new brochures and allow inspiration to take over.

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