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Working from home? 7 ways to create an effective home office

Working from home? 7 ways to create an effective home office

Remote working is on the rise with more employees working from home than ever before. Having the option to work from home every now and then might seem like a luxury, but it’s not all sweatpants and sunshine.

Many people find it hard to reach the same level of productivity when they’re removed from the office and our homes hold a number of distractions. Whether it’s children, pets, the television or social media, there are a many things that can potentially break our focus. There’s no denying that we can occasionally get distracted by co-workers in the office, but at home, it’s easy to become your own worst enemy.

The lucky few may have a home office where they can lock themselves for a few hours away from distractions, but not everyone has the capacity for an office room in their house and it’s difficult to get your head in the game when you’re in an environment that you associate with relaxation and family time.

To make life in the home office a little bit easier, we’ve put together some handy working from home tips that will help you bring your A game and work from home effectively.

1. Choose a Permanent Workspace

Designate a specific area in your home for working. If you commit to working in this space every day, your brain will naturally start to associate this space with work and productivity.

Make sure the space you choose is comfortable, practical and doesn’t hold too many distractions. The kitchen can make a great place for home working. Kitchen islands, breakfast bars or dining tables make good desk replacements where you can sit upright and spread your notes and stationary out. Plus, you’ll have plenty of plug sockets around. An added bonus of a kitchen home office is it’s easy access to hot drinks and refreshments! If you have a desk, your bedroom may also be an ideal place for work, however it may be all too tempting to snuggle up in bed.

Once your workspace is chosen, it’s important to communicate with others in the household that this is your work area and just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you’re off duty.

2. Choose a place with lots of natural light

Many studies illustrate that natural lighting helps improve productivity, energy and mood, so it’s important to make sure your chosen work station is rich in natural light. Try and sit as near to a window as possible to help you keep focused and alert. Alternatively, you could invest in a good desk lamp if your home generally lacks natural light.


3. Get plenty of indoor plants

Plants aren’t just pretty foliage – they also have a whole host of health benefits that can assist productivity. Indoor plants remove carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen, thus improving the air quality and in turn improving mental performance. If you’re going to be working from home more regularly, consider incorporating indoor plants into your space.

4. Clear space = Clear mind!

A clear space equals a clear mind. Nobody likes working amongst mess so declutter, clean and organise your space before you begin working in it. Adequate storage is paramount when creating an organised space. Re-asses your current storage and find a dedicated area for all of your workspace items. Doing this beforehand will also prevent any procrastination when your work begins!


5. Prepare Your Meals Beforehand

It can be tempting to spend time crafting up a good breakfast or lunch when working from home, but bear in mind you wouldn’t usually do this at the office. Don’t waste precious time and energy cooking something fancy during breaks. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing this. Instead, prepare meals the night before and make sure you’re stocked up on snacks to keep you going through the working day.

6. Take a break

When working in the office it’s easier to take regular short breaks to chat with your colleagues, but working from home can sometimes make us feel isolated and unsure when to take breaks. Designate time slots for regular short breaks to prevent burning yourself out. Taking time away from the screen for breaks is important. Removing yourself from your screen will allow your brain to recharge and ensures you don’t fall into the trap of opening YouTube and social media. Instead, why not use small household chores like laundry for breaks? You could use the time to start and finish something on your to do list before switching the laundry over!


7. Establish Boundaries

It can be harder to separate work life from home life when working from home. You can create clear distinctions between home and work life by analysing your space and zoning it into recess areas and work areas. It’s important to start your day at the same time you would usually start work and go to bed at a reasonable house. It’s also important to switch off your computer and the end of the day – otherwise you’ll burn yourself out!


We hope these tips have provided with you with all the ingredients for working from home effectively. Visit our blog for more ideas and inspiration.


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