We thought it was time to add a new colour to our already beautiful palette of warm tones. Wisteria is an elegant shade of purple that follows the popular trend of lilac kitchens. It is inspired by our very popular Mulberry colour and matches beautifully with it for a delicate kitchen style.

Wisteria allows you and your designer to create a personal statement in your new kitchen. This shade has been designed to work very well with different colour tones, both bold and Neutral. These include Mulberry, Heritage Grey and even Tuscan Walnut. The sky’s your limit, have a browse of our colour palette in our brochure and see which colours would work well together in your new kitchen design.

Our team of friendly designers are on hand to explore different colour options and can help guide you through which colours naturally go well together. Book a free design appointment with them at your nearest Sigma 3 Kitchens showroom to get some ideas flowing.

Wisteria is a whimsical and appealing colour that’s available in all of our Painted ranges;

When you’re considering colours in your new kitchen, have a browse of our Living Collection as well. This is a range of free-standing furniture that comes in the same finishes and colours as our kitchen ranges. It’s a brilliant way of creating a fluid style throughout your home.

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Wisteria Lilac Kitchen Cabinets by Sigma 3 Kitchens

Wisteria Lilac Kitchen by Sigma 3 Kitchens

Mulberry and Heritage Grey Kitchen Cabinets by Sigma 3 Kitchens

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