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What NOT to do when planning a new kichen

Ideas & Inspiration / 17 May 2021

What NOT to do when planning a new kichen

When planning a new kitchen, it’s important not to forget the finer details.

At the start of any new kitchen project, it’s easy to get carried away by the overall aesthetic of your desired kitchen and throw practicality out of the window.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, but the primary function of any kitchen is to cook. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your new kitchen works in harmony with your household.

At Sigma 3, we have an abundance of ways to make your kitchen as functional as it is beautiful. Here are 5 things you should NOT forget when planning your new kitchen.

1 - Never underestimate how much storage you'll need

Pull out storage in a grey shaker kitchen

Solva Scots Grey featuring MagnaSpace

When customers tell us about their previous kitchens, they tend to describe a few shortcomings when it comes to storage.

Storage is critical in any kitchen. When choosing your kitchen storage, you not only need to consider the type of things you store in your kitchen, but also the way you use your kitchen. View our guide on kitchen storage and find out more about which storage features will suit your home.

2 - Don't let architectural features hinder your design

Casual seating area in a shaker kitchen

Shelford Dust Grey and Inkwell

There is no need for awkward architectural features to get in the way of your dream kitchen.

Make perfect use of components like this supporting beam and add units and create a spot for casual seating.

3 - Don't waste kitchen island space

Kitchen island with pull out larder

Hardwick Farringdon Grey with Solva Hunter Green

There’s no denying that kitchen islands look fantastic, but if your kitchen island simply acts as a design statement, you’re seriously underutilizing it.

Take full advantage of your kitchen island by adding more storage features, plug sockets or even a seating and you’ll create an island that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

Appliances can also be added to kitchen islands, depending on your desired workflow.

4 - Don’t forget requirements specific to your own household

White gloss handleless kitchen

H Line Lumina White

Every household comes with a different set of requirements which your choice of kitchen should reflect.

For example, when choosing the finish of your kitchen, think about the time you will have to care for your kitchen. If you live in a busy household with young children, you should opt for a finish that can be wiped easily, such as gloss or our selection of wrapped doors.

If you live in a relaxed household with more time to care for the kitchen, you choose one of our beautifully painted silk ranges.

5 - Don't be scared to stand out from the crowd

Green shaker kitchen with kitchen island

Marlborough Hunter Green

It’s more than likely you’ll come to your design consultation with a vision for your new kitchen. Knowing what you like and what you don’t like is important, but it’s also good to have an open mind.

Our customers often have a change of heart when they visit the showroom and view the different colour combinations, textures and storage features. And remember, choosing a new kitchen that reflects your personal style is more important than following the crowd.

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