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How To Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

How To Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

A disorganised kitchen can make mealtimes a stressful experience. Having to spend more time than is needed searching through your cupboards will take all the fun out of cooking.

But it doesn’t need to be this way! Organising your kitchen cupboards can take all the hassle away from cooking and allow you to put the enjoyment back into creating a meal.

Here are some of our best kitchen organisation tips, along with how we can help you create a kitchen that is a pleasure to cook in:

1. Organise your pull out pantry

Pull together all your cooking essentials and put them into categories. Then, arrange them so that each shelf contains one category – for example; herbs, spices, baking goods and oils.

A pull out larder is perfect for organising your essential and keeping them within easy reach.

MagnaSpace pull out larder units

Pictured above is our MagnaSpace pull out larder system, which is available in a wide selection of widths, height and colour options.

2. Zone your space

Create ‘zones’ in your kitchen based on different activities. Utilise internal drawers to keep all your store cupboard essentials in one, easy to reach space so you can pull out the item you need straight away.

SpaceTower larder units

The SpaceTower pull out larder unit (pictured above) unit is perfect for keeping all your essential items close to hand.

Utensil drawers

Pictured above is our utensil drawer in Tuscan Walnut, which is fantastic for having all your utensils close to hand while cooking.

3. Utilise drawer compartments

If you throw your items, with no order or system, it’s more than likely that it will jam and cause you a large amount of frustration! Instead, why not use compartments to organise your kitchen utensils, gadgets, dry goods and tins?

Our LineaPlus drawers are perfect for this:

Widest, deepest modern kitchen drawers

Our LineaPlus kitchen drawers are the widest and deepest on the market – they’re super practical and will make life in the kitchen a breeze.

4. Waste not, want not

Recycling is now the norm in every household which is why waste management is an essential part of any kitchen. Having all your different bins, waste bags and cleaning products in one place is ideal.

This is why we launched the VelaBin internal bin system:

VelaBin Integrated kitchen bin

Our integrated kitchen bin is available in 3 different colour options and a range of width options, so there’s a VelaBin that’s perfect for your kitchen.

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