Staff Announcement - COVID-19

9th April 2020

Good day all,

I hope that everyone including your friends and family are safe and well and managing to keep yourselves busy during these difficult times. We will get through this together but we all have to strictly follow Government guidelines.

On Friday last week, we posted out letters to all staff who are being “furloughed.” The purpose for furloughing staff, is to prevent redundancies and to protect jobs for when this crisis is declared over. The letter sets out all of the conditions for furloughing and provides a link to help you understand the process we are all going through.

You will now have had your normal March salaries paid into your bank accounts, so it is now time to start to consider April salaries. However, before we can do this, it is essential that we know whether or not you have agreed to be furloughed by signing the personal letter we sent to each employee. To accept furlough, this letter must be completed and returned to Geoff Moore in the envelope provided by Friday 10th April 2020 and it is very much in your own interests to do this, as without your consent, the Company may have to consider alternative options which may involve redundancy.

I’ll look forward to receiving the outstanding letters by the end of the week and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Stay safe, keep well and stay in touch.