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From the initial shop viewing, through the home planning visit, to delivery and installation everything went very smoothly���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í�¢â�¬� ���¢�¢â�ö�¬�¢â�û�¢���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢���í��â�ô��â�ö���¢���í���¢���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡��â�ö���¬���í�¢â�¬�¦��â�ö���¡���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¬���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í���¢���¢�¢â�¬�¡���¬��â�¦���¡���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¦ We can���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í�¢â�¬� ���¢�¢â�ö�¬�¢â�û�¢���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢���í��â�ô��â�ö���¢���í���¢���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡��â�ö���¬���í�¢â�¬�¦��â�ö���¡���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¬���í��â�ô��â� �¢â�¬â�¢���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢���í��â�ô��â�ö���¢���í���¢���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡��â�ö���¬���í�¢â�¬�¦��â�ö���¾���í��â�ô���¢�¢â�ö�¬���¡���í�¢â�¬�¡��â�ö���¢t fault any aspect of the service and happily highly recommend Sigma 3

Mr Fern, 5th December 2017

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